Our Vision, Mission and Values


Inspire global health and wellbeing through next generation stress and resiliency solutions


Substantively decrease global stress and burnout, and enhance resilience and wellbeing through:

  • Developing, testing and disseminating customized, scalable, engaging, and highly effective stress, resiliency, and burnout solutions 

  • Partnering with organizations that have the platform and resources to develop, test and disseminate stress, resiliency, and burnout solutions

  • Democratizing wellbeing, so the solutions are available to all independent of individual constraints 


Integrity: We believe trust is the anchor of every relationship. We strive to win your trust with our authenticity, diligence, quality, transparency, and compassion.

Compassion: Compassion toward self and others is the core of emotional intelligence. We strive to remove all barriers to compassion, so we can engage without prejudices, and honor every individual’s struggles and constraints. 


Quality: We completely believe in innovation, relevancy, creativity and continuous striving to become better. We highly value humility, so we learn from our success and failures alike, and continue to grow and change with changing times. 

Relationships: We believe the most important aspect of work is relationships: with others, with self, and with what we consider sacred. Nurturing deeper relationships is at the root of several of the concepts and skills we offer. 

Service: All our values converge to the value of service. We are here to serve, feeling immensely grateful for the privilege to serve.