Want to Bring SMART To Your Organization?

Employees that are a gift to their organization have four core skills: Grit, Innovativeness, Focus, and Team-thinking. We help cultivate this GIFT in people by leveraging cutting-edge science with timeless principles.

We are working with several small and large organizations, across several industries, for creating stress, resiliency, mindfulness, wellbeing, and burnout solutions. We have delivered consistently positive outcomes for decreasing stress and anxiety, enhancing resilience, wellbeing, and happiness, and improving work-related metrics.

With each engagement, we strive to:

  • Understand your unique strengths, constraints, culture, and experience

  • Develop a three to five year vision to help foster a culture of resilience and wellbeing

  • Start with a few pilot offerings and refine further based on feedback from employees and leadership

  • Focus our solutions on nurturing professionalism, excellence, integrity, engagement, and self-care

  • Create local capacity (where feasible) by training trainers/champions within the organization

  • Create digital on-demand solutions

  • Develop a long-term longitudinal connection

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The five phases of our engagement can be completed in two to three years: 

Phase I: Preparation: Assess organizational needs, constraints, strengths and culture; Customize the solutions

Phase II: Pilot testing: Offer pilot offerings; Collect feedback and refine the program based on the feedback

Phase III: Seeding the culture: Staff engagement and training; Train-the-trainer to create local capacity and scale

Phase IV: Immersion: Offer tools for ongoing engagement; Continue training of the trainers; Create a culture of resilience and wellbeing

Phase V: Continued Integration: Fully integrate the solution within the culture; Sustain the culture

Please contact us for further details.