Who is Using SMART?

SMART is broadly applicable across a wide range of audiences. Following are examples of populations that have engaged with us. This is by no means comprehensive. For each group, we customize the solutions to meet their unique constraints and resources. Please reach out to us if you or your group wish to bring SMART to your organization.

Health care professionals: We are serving members of the staff at every level in several hospitals and health systems. These include nurses, administrative staff, social workers, physician and surgeons, leadership, volunteers, IT workers, among others.

Patients and caregivers: We are providing SMART to a number of patient groups including patients with cancer, heart disease, chronic pain, addiction, anxiety, depression, diabetes, inflammatory conditions, chronic GI issues, migraine, in palliative care, neuro-degenerative disorders, among other conditions.

Education: We are serving several schools, mostly in Southern Minnesota, bringing SMART to teachers and other staff members. We have also worked with several school districts and are working with a couple of colleges to bring SMART to their students and staff.

Corporate executives: SMART is offered to tens of thousands of corporate executives every year. We work with executives both individually as well as through EAPs and HR professionals to integrate SMART as part of leadership, engagement, professionalism and burnout solutions.

Individuals: SMART started as an individual-focused program and at its core remains focused on enhancing individual wellbeing. We are building a community of resilience trainers who are certified in teaching SMART.

Government organizations: We have served and are engaged with city workers, the US military, NASA, chiefs of police, among others.