SMART has the following features that enhance its appeal to the users:

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Ease of Adoption and Practice:

  • Short training time: The basic program can be taught to the end user in four 30-minutes sessions or a single two-hour session

  • Novel and engaging: The concepts and skills are thoughtfully designed to avoid cliché and jargon, are highly engaging, and ‘sticky’

  • Integrated approach: The practices are integrated in daily routine with each practice being only few seconds to few minutes long

  • Relationship-centric: The skills are designed to enhance relationships with self and others

  • Secular: The concepts and language are secular and accessible to most

Ease of Scalability Across a Broad Spectrum of Scenarios and Audiences:

  • Suited to work place: The program is designed to integrate well within workplace to help enhance professionalism, engagement, and productivity

  • Highly scalable: The skills can be taught individually or in groups that range from a few to several hundred

  • Several different models: Availability in several different models, offering customizable approach for most individuals and entities

  • College students: High acceptance by children and college students; pediatric version is in development

  • Broad application: Clinically offered every year to over 40,000 learners for resilience, wellbeing, and better work performance, and to over 5,000 patients and caregivers for better coping and disease modification

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Based on Extensive Cutting-Edge Research:

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  • Scientifically rooted: Deeply anchored in science, particularly neurosciences, evolutionary biology, and psychology

  • Research evidence: Tested and found effective in over twenty clinical trials with about a dozen studies published in peer-reviewed journals, showing promising effectiveness for a breadth of outcomes (stress, resilience, anxiety, mindfulness, wellbeing, happiness, positive health behaviors, burnout, self-reported productivity, and depressive symptoms)

    • Online version of the program found effective in three research studies

    • Self-study program found effective in a research study

Ready for broader dissemination:

  • Train-the-trainer: Train-the-trainer program is fully developed with over 400 learners trained

  • Complete suite of products: Print, digital, and in-person programs have been utilized by hundreds of thousands of users

  • Refined and disseminated for over a decade after initial development

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In designing SMART, we have avoided the following challenges for the end users: Long training duration; significant daily time commitment; difficult practices that often aren’t integrated in life; low engagement; high cost; limited scalability; rooted in specific traditions limiting widespread acceptance; ritualistic approaches, limited scientific backing.

We have reached over 500,000 participants with in-person SMART training and bring learnings from a broad spectrum of industries to help your organization with stress, resilience, and burnout solutions