An ideal keynote has at least six ingredients:
Authenticity   •   Science   •   Humor   •   Flow   •   Stories   •   Real-world application

Dr. Sood mixes all of these to provide rich and inspiring presentations that enthrall the audience. He is consistently ranked among the most engaging speaker at most conferences he has spoken.

In his five decades of journey across two continents, Dr. Sood has spent countless hours observing, thinking, collecting stories, and conducting research. He has developed a deeper understanding of who we are as a species, what neural vulnerabilities predispose to our current struggles, and importantly, what are some practical solutions. These observations help provide a context, deeper insight, and tangible solutions for most modern challenges such as mental health issues, violence, discrimination, addiction, burnout, low engagement, unprofessional conduct, lack of motivation, sub-par performance, high healthcare costs, difficult relationships, low self-worth, and more.

Each talk is customized to the audience, that has ranged from less than a hundred to over ten thousand. Dr. Sood has spoken at several widely acclaimed forums including TEDx, Forbes Under 30, Lake Nona, Becker’s Health care, Conference board, NPR presents, and as keynote for hundreds of corporate and CME events. He has received the honor of being the most highly rated CME presenter at Mayo Clinic from among several thousand speakers.

Please contact us for any questions or to request Dr. Sood as a keynote speaker at your event.